*Some items shared can be found in my Amazon Storefront in the “Bright and Cheery Playroom” list, and I may earn a small amount from purchases made.

One of the most exciting things about being a parent is giving my son the things that I dreamed of having as a kid. I always wanted my own playroom growing up. But with both money and space being tight, it was a dream that did not come true. I gave my son a playroom upgrade for his 3rd birthday, and not only did it make him incredibly happy, but it healed my inner child a bit, too.

The first part of the room that I want to talk about is the color of the walls. I wanted something bright and lively, and I was leaning toward green because it feels earthy and relaxing. I ultimately chose the color “Recycled Glass” by Sherwin Williams. It came out perfect, and surprisingly, it only took one can of paint to cover the walls. The quality was excellent – no streaking and no need for primer. Once I added natural wood outlet and light switch covers, the room really gave the energy that I was looking for.

The next item that I picked for the room is that gorgeous playset that I ordered from a local woodworker. My son is a climber, and I wanted something that he could use to work out that energy, even on a rainy or cold day. It was beautifully crafted by the company Baby&Bap, who I already knew about because they made my son’s Pikler triangle back in 2020.

When I shared this on Instagram, lot of folks noticed the Nugget Couch (in the color Bamboo) because it is such a hot item right now. We actually bought it a few years ago, and with the addition of protective covers underneath to keep the foam safe from liquid damage, it has continued to look like new.

The foam mat from Ruggish and the art table from Kid Kraft are two of my favorite items that are both stylish and useful. The Ruggish foam helps buffer falls as well as spills for easy clean-up, and the Kid Kraft table has an attachment for rolls of art paper and cubbies on the side to hold all kinds of toys and supplies. While I know that everyone has their opinions on screen time, mounting that smart TV above the table was an excellent idea for us to enjoy Songs for Littles (any other Ms. Rachel fans?).

I chose the rolling bookcase because furniture and toys get rearranged pretty often, and this item is a flexible way to keep books nearby and on display. As for that fancy wooden sit n spin? I have to admit that was a fun purchase for me, too. When I saw that it holds up to 200 pounds, I jumped at the chance to buy it and have a moment to act like a kid again. And yes, I have sat and spun several times already.

Along with the new purchases, there was thrifting done as well. The brown wooden bookcase and the Pottery Barn kids chair were both Facebook Marketplace finds. I also thrifted some of the toys and puzzles.

Overall, I am incredibly pleased with how this room turned out. More important than the things in the room are the memories that I will make with my son as we play together.

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