Approved Show at DC Comedy Loft

I just finished four shows over two days at DC Comedy Loft, and I am tired but so happy. This was my first time performing at the Loft, and I am honored to have been a part of their Approved Show. Here are some of the highlights from my weekend.

  1. Everyone at the Loft is so damn nice. From the producer, Mike “Ol’Mike.B” Brown to the bartenders to the servers to the DJ to the photographers/videographers to the folks working the front door, everyone was lovely. One thing that is hard about being a woman doing comedy – especially someone still new standup like myself – is that you can often stumble into unwelcoming or even hostile situations. DC Comedy Loft was the exact opposite.
  2. The other comics were hilarious, and they gave me great feedback. Justin “Justo” Brooks helped me hone my crowd work skills. Hedi Sandberg helped me keep my nerves at bay by laughing with me in the green room. D.Lo was beyond encouraging and let me know that I was doing well. Mike Kurtz told me a little about his process for joke writing. I’m grateful that these were the folks who I performed with.
  3. There’s a chance that an NBA player could be in the audience. I told a joke about how I wish that I became an NBA wife (or even a WNBA wife), and lo and behold, Lakers player, Thomas Bryant, was in the audience. He said hello and even let me take a fan photo. I’m glad that he thought my joke was funny!
  4. Mannerisms and tone can take a joke way further. The more comfortable that I got with each show and the more that I learned to read the room, the better that my delivery got and the bigger the laughs got. It is amazing to do such a quick turnaround workshopping a joke and see instant results.
  5. The wings at The Loft are amazing. I think that last one speaks for itself.

It has been an exhilarating one and a half years of doing this whole comedy thing. I’m thrilled that I could mark the occasion with a performance at The Loft, and I hope to be back there again!

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